Wildlife Tracking

Our wildlife tracking products deliver essential data to reserve managers and researchers to enable informed management decisions and accurate conservation research. The electronics and systems that we have been producing since 2003 have a proven track record and have been used in thousands of wildlife collars deployed throughout the world.

We offer wildlife tracking collars with any of the following technologies:

    • GPS via Iridium Satellite Network
    • GPS via Cellular networks
    • GPS via UHF Radio (point to point or own network)
    • Standard VHF transmitters

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Below is an example of data acquired through our systems:

12 Months of Iridium Satellite Network data on an elephant collar logging at 1-hourly intervals. Live data log success of 88%.
Cheetah fitted with a GPS collar (Cellular with VHF)
Cheetah fitted with a GPS collar (Cellular with VHF)

K9 Tracking

K9 Anti-Poaching tracking service provider to SANParks. The Dog Harness features Iridium Satellite capability, UHF telemetry, Infra-red LED, Shake-to-Wake technology and remotely configurable logging schedule and rechargeable battery.

Fleet Management

We have products that will suit your requirements, whether it be keeping tabs on your deliveries or managing your owner-driver programme. We have cross-border capability with Iridium and Globalstar Satellite Networks as well as an easy to use portal, driver behaviour scorecards and business VS private distance reports.

Aviation Tracking

The Skyloca Flight Series carry-on tracking unit offers global coverage as well as Iridium/GSM least-cost-routing affordability. Contact for more information and a quote.

Water Monitoring

Specialist bulk-water monitoring devices at